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Gain ‘Confidence, Control, and Command’ Over Your Finances: An Interview With Suze Orman

Apr 28 2016

Suze Orman knows what it’s like to work your way up.

Long before she became a personal finance guru, the author of multiple New York Times best-sellers and an Emmy Award-winning television host, Orman was a 30-year-old with a college degree who was earning $400 a month working as a waitress. In other words, Orman knows a few things on what it’s like being a recent college graduate just starting to learn how to handle your personal finances.

For our final article in this year’s Spring Into Financial Literacy series, The Home Story spoke with Orman on tactics for tackling student debt, how to save for both emergencies and retirement, and what young people need to know about wills and trusts.

Orman who grew up on the South Side of Chicago, earned a bachelor’s degree in social work at the University of Illinois and at the age of 30 was still a waitress making $400 a month. 

The Home Story: Student loan debt is at the top of your “must pay” items, even before paying mortgage or rent. Can you talk about why it’s so important to prioritize student loan debt?

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