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Put a Bit of the Great Outdoors Over Your Head With a Green Roof

May 6 2016

Got a green thumb? How about a green roof?

Driven in large part by their ability to help municipalities manage rain runoff, green roofs have taken off in recent years as features of commercial and public buildings. But there’s no reason individual homeowners can’t enjoy the benefits, practical and otherwise, of having their own overhead gardens.

In addition to reducing and filtering runoff, green roofs offer benefits such as reduced air pollution and improved building insulation leading to lower heating and cooling costs. Perhaps less tangible but no less important, they look cool. After all, what’s more interesting—a house covered in black asphalt shingles or topped with flowers?

A Buyer’s Delight

But despite the potential benefits, residential green roofs still aren’t particularly widespread, says Steve Goddard, a real estate agent in Manhattan Beach, CA. While in high-density urban neighborhoods they might be the only opportunity for a homeowner to incorporate a bit of green, in most places “the kind of things you would do on the roof, people just do in their yard, because it’s simpler and cheaper,” he notes.

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