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Before You Reno Your House, Read This!

Ashley Chorpenning |
Dec 18 2017

When you purchase a new home, it becomes yours to reinvent. This may mean painting the walls, adding new carpet or completely demolishing your bathroom. HGTV and other networks have done a great job at making home remodeling seem like a piece of cake. You watch one home show and think you’re an expert in home remodeling. But before you tackle your first home project, there are some things you should consider so you don’t end up with more headaches than necessary.

Determining if you need a permit can be very challenging and overwhelming. A lot of permit departments have more interest in the commercial side of construction than individuals who want to tackle their projects alone. Each city, state and country have different requirements for permits. A phone call to your local permitting office or county inspector’s office is the best way to determine if you will need a permit for the project.

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