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5 Reasons to Embrace the Winter Home-Selling Season

You’ve got plans to sell your home, but as you approach the end of the year, waiting until spring seems...

7 Things You Should Know About Tenant Rights

The radiator crapped out in your apartment, and your landlord hasn't responded to your emails or answered the phone...

Can Your HOA Regulate Your Holiday Decor?

Fall and winter holidays are perfect for creating an elaborate outdoor scene – whether you're planning to recreate "Frankenstein"...

Preapproved vs. Prequalified: Which Is Best When You're House Hunting?

Before you can buy a house, you have to know how you’ll pay for it. For 88 percent of homebuyers, that means financing...

Want More Space? 9 Genius Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

No one goes hunting for a new home hoping to score a small kitchen. Unless you're actually shopping for...

Why Your Airbnb Listing May be Illegal and What You Can Do About It

The 2017 Super Bowl in Houston ushered in an estimated 150,000 guests. Those visitors weren't just a boon to local hotels...

What's the Difference Between Your Home's Market and Assessed Value?

Understanding your home’s value is an important part of knowing your net worth, what you’ll likely receive...

How to Perform a Landlord Background Check

You’ve found the perfect new apartment or rental house. You love the neighborhood. Your application has been approved...

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