MH Advantage Mortgage

MH Advantage Mortgage for Manufactured Homes

Finding an affordable home is challenging when supply is low, prices are high, or available properties need renovations. Manufactured homes are an option offering significant cost savings over traditional homes. There are a variety of modern, attractive models built to high standards with today’s sought-after amenities. The main difference is they’re built indoors in efficient state-of-the art facilities, then delivered and installed on your chosen home site.

So if you’re feeling limited by the types of homes in your price range, consider adding the manufactured option for more choices at prices you can live with.

What is MH Advantage?

MH Advantage® is a mortgage loan for manufactured homes that have features typical of traditional single-family homes. It offers traditional 30-year fixed rate financing with benefits that exceed standard manufactured home loans. When you buy an MH Advantage-eligible home, you’ll get:

  • Quality and Style – Homes can include custom amenities like attached garages, upgraded kitchens and bathrooms, energy efficient appliances, and architectural features that help them blend seamlessly into traditional neighborhoods.
  • Affordability – MH Advantage offers down payments as low as 3%, interest rates lower than most traditional manufactured home loans, and cancellable mortgage insurance. Plus, it may be combined with a HomeReady mortgage for additional benefits.
  • Homeownership Advantages – You may benefit from the financial perks of homeownership, like the potential for tax benefits and building equity. That could mean extra money in your pocket at tax time or if you ever decide to sell the home.

Look for the MH Advantage sticker

Because MH Advantage is only for manufactured homes with certain features, eligible homes are identified by a “Mortgage Financing Notice”—also known as the “MH Advantage sticker.” The sticker does not mean you qualify for MH Advantage financing. You must meet certain loan eligibility requirements, and the home must be placed on land you own and will title with the home. An example is pictured above with a link to more information.

Get Started

Interested in buying or learning more about a manufactured home? Find a retailer in your area to explore available models.