6 Simple Ways to Finance Home Upgrades for Your Family’s Comfort & Health

Budgeting for these important energy efficiency improvements is easier than you might think.

Many homeowners and new home buyers know that making energy efficiency upgrades can help reduce wasted energy and water and increase comfort. But did you know these improvements may also have a huge impact on your family’s health? Here are a few things to consider when selecting your upgrades:

  • Upgraded air conditioning, heating and ventilation can help create cleaner, healthier, more comfortable indoor air
  • Double-pane windows protect against unhealthy outside pollutants
  • Foundation retrofits improve insulation to prevent the growth of toxic mold
  • Updated insulation replaces potentially dangerous asbestos sources
  • Extra sealing around windows and doors keeps good air in and hazardous allergens out

Although investing in energy efficiency upgrades can protect your family’s health and increase their comfort, paying for them all at once can feel overwhelming. Fortunately, there are lots of financing options available.

6 ways to pay over time for energy efficiency health upgrades:

  1. Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle® Energy Mortgage, which allows you to make updates in conjunction with a new or refinanced home mortgage.
  2. Some utility companies have on-bill financing programs to repay updates. See if your energy utility is listed on this interactive map or call to learn what they might offer.
  3. EE tax credits, rebates, savings, and financing through Energy.gov and ENERGY STAR®.
  4. Solar panel financing or leasing. Learn more about your options at Energy.gov.
  5. Home equity line of credit that allows you to use your existing home as collateral. Get all the details from your lender.
  6. Credit union loans or personal, unsecured, energy efficiency loans through your bank.

Investing in energy efficiency upgrades can improve your family’s comfort and health and even lower your long-term utility costs. Options are within reach—to learn more, ask your lender, bank, or real estate professional.

Get all the facts about Fannie Mae’s HomeStyle® Energy Mortgage here.

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