Information and Tools

Throughout this section you will find resources regarding housing, refinancing, avoiding foreclosure, etc. This includes links to other programs and agencies, answers to some frequently asked questions and more helpful information!

Beware of Scams

Scam artists are stealing millions of dollars from distressed homeowners by promising immediate relief from foreclosure, or demanding cash for counseling services when HUD-approved counseling agencies provide the same services for FREE. More »

Credit Score Information

Credit scores are likely to play a key role in your ability to obtain credit (auto loan, mortgage loan, credit card, etc.) and in the determination of the interest rate you will pay for that credit. More »

Financial Calculators

The calculators below will help you better understand how each option works and how each option may benefit you based on your specific situation. More »


Use the forms to help you prepare for your conversation with your mortgage company or housing counselor. More »


Frequently asked questions. More »


While working with your mortgage company, it’s important to understand the mortgage terms that may be used so you can have a better (and easier) discussion with your mortgage company. More »

Helpful Sites

Access other websites to learn more about help and other resources to assist you with your mortgage and help you avoid foreclosure. More »


Watch videos about homeowners who may be in a similar situation as you. Hear how they were able to resolve the issues they were having with their mortgage and got help to avoid foreclosure. More »