Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Fannie Mae?

Who is Fannie Mae? What does Fannie Mae do?

Is Fannie Mae the same as Freddie Mac?

How can I find out if Fannie Mae owns my home loan?


Homebuying & Homeownership

How much money do I need to buy a house?

Where can I find down payment assistance to buy a house?

I want to renovate my home. Can I finance the work?

What should I do if I acquire an ownership interest in a property through death, divorce, or legal separation?


Foreclosure Prevention

I am worried about foreclosure. Where can I turn for advice? What will it cost?

I'm not behind on my mortgage payments yet but worry that I will be soon. What should I do?

I am facing foreclosure. What are my options to save my home?


Disaster Relief

Where can I find help after a disaster? What type of disaster relief is available?

Where can I get help if I was impacted by a natural disaster?


Energy Efficiency

What is energy efficiency—and what are the benefits?

How can I make my home more energy efficient? What are some tips?

How can I get help paying for energy efficiency improvements?