Manufactured Housing Community Protections

Manufactured housing communities are groups of manufactured homes situated on a single parcel of land. Residents of these communities typically own their manufactured home and rent the land (often called a pad site) from the property owner. Fannie Mae provides financing to manufactured housing community owners and offers them certain incentives if they agree to provide specific protections to residents leasing pad sites.

If you live in a manufactured housing community that is financed by Fannie Mae, your pad site
lease may include these protections that often go beyond the requirements of state or local law. These protections are called Tenant Site Lease Protections (TSLPs).

TSLPs address various aspects of manufactured housing community living, such as rent increases, rent payments, sale and sublease rights for your manufactured home, and notice of a planned sale or closure of your community. These additional protections typically include:

  • One-year renewable term for the site pad lease
  • 30-day written notice of rent increases
  • 5-day grace period for late rent payments
  • You also have rights to:
    • Sell the manufactured home without having to move it out of the community
    • Sublease your manufactured home or assign your site pad lease to a buyer of your home, if the subtenant or buyer meets the minimum community rules and regulations, and any buyer of your home also qualifies for the home financing
    • Post “for sale” signs on your manufactured home, provided the signage complies with the community rules and regulations
    • Sell your manufactured home in place within 45 days after eviction
    • Receive at least 60 days’ notice of any planned sale or closure of the community

To learn whether these protections apply in your manufactured housing community, please contact your property manager or landlord or call Fannie Mae’s Disaster Response Network at 877-308-7622 where you can access HUD-approved housing counselors for assistance.