Fannie Mae Mortgage Help Network

Homeowners with loans owned by Fannie Mae can contact our Mortgage Help Network for free mortgage assistance. You’ll work directly with a HUD-approved counselor who’ll review your situation, explain your options, and communicate with your mortgage company throughout the process. Support is available nationwide by phone or you can meet in person at a location closest to you.

If you’ve been affected by a disaster and live in a FEMA-declared zone, contact our Disaster Response Network to request free help with your mortgage, FEMA claims, insurance claims, and more. Also, visit our disaster relief page for helpful information on disaster recovery.

Get Started

To request help from our Mortgage Help or Disaster Response Networks, you’ll need to first confirm your loan is owned by Fannie Mae. Find out by checking our Loan Lookup Tool. You’ll be prompted to complete a short form to help determine your eligibility. If we own your loan, your results page will provide additional options and links to request mortgage and disaster recovery help.

If you don’t have a Fannie Mae loan(s), you can visit the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and Making Home Affordable websites; contact a HUD-approved housing counseling agency; or speak with your mortgage company for assistance.