Know Your Options Marketing Collateral

Fannie Mae has developed a full suite of Know Your Options marketing materials and customer communications that can be co-branded and used by mortgage servicers, housing counselors, real estate professionals, lenders, and other partners.

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We encourage you to take advantage of these tools and Working together, we can make a difference.

Know Your Options Marketing Storefront

We offer a variety of marketing materials for you to customize including pocket folders, tri-fold brochures, letters and flyers. To get started, click below to access the Storefront!

Marketing Storefront

For step-by-step instructions on using the Storefront, download the Know Your Options Marketing Storefront Job Aid. 

Placing web banners on your site

If you would like to add banner ads to your site that will direct back to, we offer two sets to choose from.

Banner Ad - Watch Homeowner and Counselor Videos 

URL to link these ads to:

Banner Ad - Options Finder

URL to link these ads to:

Our military toolkit includes helpful resources exclusively for housing officers assisting service members. Simply download the toolkit for a job aid, scripts, and more.

Download Toolkit

You can also download a suite of marketing materials—including a Know Your Options military flyer—that can be customized with your contact information and logo. Simply click the "Customizable Print Materials" tab or this link to access the Marketing Storefront.

"Know Your Options" Marketing Materials – Terms and Conditions
Subject to these terms and conditions, Fannie Mae hereby grants Fannie Mae approved Servicers and real estate brokers and HUD-approved housing counselors (hereinafter "You") a non-exclusive license to download, reproduce and distribute the Know Your Options™ marketing materials made available on this Web site ("Materials") to Your customers whose loan(s) are owned by Fannie Mae. You may include the name of Your company, logo, contact information, and other necessary information to identify Your company on the Materials but You may not materially alter their content without Fannie Mae's prior written approval. By downloading and using the Materials, You further agree that (i) Fannie Mae retains all rights in the Know Your Options trademarks and all copyright in the Materials, (ii) Your use of the Know Your Options trademarks is limited under this license to their incidental reproduction in the Materials, or other uses authorized by Fannie Mae in connection with specific Materials, (iii) You may not misrepresent Your relationship with Fannie Mae, (iv) You will not issue any press release or public announcement on the basis of this license without Fannie Mae's prior written approval, and (v) the Materials are provided AS-IS WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY OF ANY SORT. This limited license is non-exclusive, royalty free, non-sub-licensable, revocable at Fannie Mae's discretion, and subject to the provisions listed in these Terms and Conditions and to the terms and conditions set forth in's Legal Disclosure. Fannie Mae reserves the right to review Your activities under the Know Your Options initiative and may terminate this license at any time.