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Fannie Mae Mortgage Loan Lookup

To explore mortgage relief options, it’s good to know who owns your mortgage. If it’s a federally backed mortgage, there are different options available to you.

See if Fannie Mae owns your mortgage using our Loan Lookup Tool. You may qualify for programs providing payment relief including a forbearance plan or loan modification.

To use the Fannie Mae Loan Lookup tool, fill in every field below carefully—a mistake or typo can give you the wrong results. Then check the box to provide consent and click Get results.

Do not enter symbols, special characters, or generational titles.
Do not enter symbols, special characters, or generational titles.
The Fannie Mae Loan Lookup is provided as a convenience for borrowers. Fannie Mae makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the results. A search that results in a "Match Found" status does not guarantee or imply that you will qualify for a Making Home Affordable® refinance or modification. Information that does not match our records exactly may return inaccurate results. You should contact your mortgage company to verify these results. Making Home Affordable is a trademark of the United States Department of the Treasury.

Loan Lookup API for Lenders

Mortgage lenders can now use our Loan Lookup API and other applications to quickly identify Fannie Mae-owned loans.