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4 Home Hazards for Babies and Small Children

Sep 18 2015

It’s too bad babies don’t come with instruction manuals. New parents have to rely on loved ones, friends, community resources, and instinct to make sure their home or office is safe for a baby, and keep that environment safe as their child grows.

The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) provides information for parents on how to properly use juvenile products like cribs, mattresses, and playpens, new or used, and how to know if a product has been recalled.

But there’s always that moment when something unexpected happens while your guard is down.

Here’s one of mine: We were signing papers in a real estate escrow office when our 4-year-old put a round candy in her mouth and immediately started to choke. I placed her over my knee, chopped between her shoulder blades lightly, and the candy popped out. I didn’t even pause with my question.

You can chalk this up to a mother’s instinct, although I admit there’s an element of experience there; she was the youngest of our four children.

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