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8 Steps to Making Your Home Safe for Pets

Sep 11 2015

Owning pets can be fun and fulfilling, but with that enjoyment comes the responsibility of keeping them healthy and safe. According to the most recent statistics released by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), dog owners averaged 2.6 vet visits per year while cat owners averaged 1.6. Medical experts recommend one preventive checkup per year, but additional visits can result in a major hit on a pet owner’s bank account.

The good news is, most pet emergencies can be avoided with just a few simple habitat tweaks. The Home Story asked pet expert Charlotte Reed for tips on how to make your home safe for pets.

1. Cover the Garbage

“The first thing you always have to think about is the garbage,” says Reed. “Pets are curious and have unbelievable powers of smell. If you have a little garbage can that the pet can jump up on, that’s not good.”

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