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The Art of Finding an Affordable Place to Live

Sep 25 2015

For some people, home is where the art is.

The decision to live in a certain place is very personal: For some it’s proximity to family; the job market is a big one; some go for sports teams. But for many people, a city with a thriving cultural scene is a major draw.

But culture can come at a price above the cost of tickets to shows and concerts. While metropolises such as New York, Los Angeles, and Washington, DC, are well-known for their preeminent museums and arts scenes, they are also some of the priciest places in the country to rent or buy a home.

There are smaller, more affordable cities that offer access to master visual works, performances from across the globe, and other forms of tremendous artistry—and allow you to live comfortably. The Home Story took a look at some data and crunched the numbers to find some great cultural hot spots.

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