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Freedom Flyer: The Story Behind the Bald Eagle Symbol

Jun 27 2016

This weekend when celebrations for the 2016 July 4th weekend get underway, people may be catching a sight of a celebratory decoration that isn’t just the American flag’s stars and stripes. In its company will be the national bird of the United States, the bald eagle.

It has long been the practice of homeowners to hang a winged eagle figure on the front of their home. To this day, garages across America feature these metallic birds posing mid-flight.

“Hanging an eagle is a decorative way for homeowners to show their patriotism,” says Mark Morris, sales manager at Montague Metal Products, a family-owned and operated manufacturer of wall and flagpole eagles. In fact, roughly 99 percent of Montague’s customers are homeowners.

By the time Independence Day rolls around, the company sees an increase of nearly 40 percent in eagle-related product sales. “Many of our buyers tell us that they hang our eagle products on their homes when they have paid off their mortgages,” says Morris. The eagle becomes a sign of “freedom from mortgage payments,” he adds.

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