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How Real Estate Pros Make Their Customers Feel the Love

Feb 12 2016

There’s a comparison that Terry Conley, president of Lake Mortgage in Merrillville, IN, always likes to share with his loan officers: They’re just like a team of dentists.

“We got to pull teeth every day, and we’ve got to figure out how not to hurt the customer,” says Conley.

Hardly a pleasant picture, sure. But Conley always aims to make the mortgage shopping process a painless procedure for his customer. Doing that means making every customer feel special and for the loan officers, in turn, to see the lending process through their customer’s eyes. By doing so lenders will win the minds and hearts of their customers.

“This is all new and strange and difficult for a person to apply for a mortgage, and we have to have that view in mind as we approach each customer so they understand that we have their best interest in heart,” says Conley.

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