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The Many Stages of Homebuying Anxiety

Nov 9 2015

For me, there has been nothing about the homebuying process that hasn’t been riddled with anxiety. (Except maybe the furniture shopping…) Because of my career in the housing industry, I have witnessed the many joys of homeownership, as well as the hardships of homeownership. And this has caused me to be very cautious during this process. My mother told me on several occasions, “You just know too much.” Of course she believed that I should seek out as much education as possible, but I knew far too many “worst-case scenarios.”

I had to learn to take what I knew as a cautionary tale, but not allow it to paralyze me. I had to get back to the basics and look at my specific situation. I analyzed my current salary, my budget, the market I was purchasing in, my career plan, and my lifestyle. That allowed me to see what I was really dealing with and not just take on someone else’s story.

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