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As We Celebrate One Year!

NewsFeed has been published on Know Your Options for just over one year now, and we’ve gone from only a couple dozen readers a week to about 1,000!

This week, we’ve picked our favorite articles from the past—those we like and those well-liked by readers—to share with you.

Our Top Picks

  1. Leaving Your Home and Avoiding Foreclosure. Articles on foreclosure prevention topics are the most widely read, and we think this article represents the genre well.
  2. You Don’t Know HARP. Love the headline but also recognizing that this was the first in a series of articles about the government’s Home Affordable Refinance program (HARP), which can save hundreds of dollars a month for qualifying homeowners.
  3. Mortgages and Identity Theft and Beware of Rental Scams. We cover theft and scam topics frequently because these crimes adapt quickly to changing conditions in the housing markets, target vulnerable populations, and follow close on the heels of disasters.

For more, visit our archives.

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