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Living in Your Home Renovation Project

Jul 17 2015

Preparation. Communication. Expectation.

All key concepts in any well-executed endeavor — including living through a renovation.

“You have to do your research, and you have to have good communication with your contractor. Then figure out what you are willing to endure,” says Leslie Mansour, 31, who with her husband Kareem, 32, bought a fixer-upper in 2012 in Kingman Park in northeast Washington, D.C.

During the past few years, the Mansours remodeled their kitchen and basement, added a bathroom, replaced windows and doors, installed closets and built-in shelves, and pulled up carpets to refinish original 1920s wood floors.

The Mansours stayed put through the chaos of it all.

“It was dusty, noisy, and messy, but I think it was probably the hardest on our kitty,” says Leslie Mansour. “He was stressed out,” she says about Mr. Kibs who is normally a “regal cat with a sense of humor.”

Pets are a major concern for homeowners who are getting ready for major renovations, says Jennifer Fowler, a Washington, D.C.-based architect.

“There is the dust, fumes, and workers coming and going throughout the day,” Fowler says.

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