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My View: 3 Lifestyle Hacks to Help You Start Saving for a Down Payment

Sep 9 2016

When you’re joining the workforce and getting your foot in the door, the idea of buying that first house can seem like a faraway dream. But life moves quickly, and within a couple of years, you might just meet the coolest person, tie the knot, and start thinking about having kids.

That apartment that seemed roomy when you were single may start to look a little small.

I know what you’re thinking. I can’t afford a house. My parents saved five years for a 20 percent down payment.

Your hesitance is understandable. That’s a lot of money to consider. What if I told you that there are low down payment mortgages out there? No, that’s not a misprint. It’s true.

Sure, setting aside even that amount of money still isn’t easy, but it’s very attainable if you put away just a little money every month.

I’ve come up with three painless ways to make cuts to your monthly budget so you can save for that first home without eating dinosaur-shaped mac and cheese every night. It’s great, but how many pasta pterodactyls can you tolerate?

1. Food

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