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5 tips from a Japanese micro home expert to make your home feel more spacious

Sep 16 2016

The Home Story has previously covered tiny homes, which typically provide 250 feet of living space, sometimes more and sometimes less, and can be loaded on trailers and moved to new locations.

But the scarcity of land in Japan, high property prices, and steep tax rates are why some builders there are designing even smaller, permanent structures, called micro homes or kyosho jutaku.

Yasuhiro Yamashita, an architect with Atelier Tekuto, tells CNN “there’s nothing more beautiful” than filling a tiny scrap of land with a beautiful micro home.

“In Japan, there’s a saying (tatte hanjo nete ichijo) that you don’t need more than half a tatami mat to stand and a full mat to sleep,” Yamashita tells CNN. “The idea comes from Zen — and a belief that we don’t need more than the fundamentals.”

Yamashita has built more than 300 micro houses, each “uniquely shaped and packed full of personality,” reports CNN.

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