Loan Purchase Letter from Fannie Mae

Fannie Mae buys mortgage loans from lenders to replenish their funds so the lenders can continue making new mortgage loans. That helps keep affordable financing available for homebuyers in the market for a home.

If you received a letter from us notifying you that we purchased your loan, you don't need to worry or take any action. It's for your information only, and should be kept with your mortgage records in case you ever need to reference it.

The letter identifies your mortgage servicer—the company responsible for collecting your monthly payments on our behalf and providing customer service. It also lists resources we offer to inform and assist you, especially if you ever have a financial hardship or need help recovering from a natural disaster.

To help ensure you understand the information included in the loan purchase letter and related topics, we’ve answered frequently asked questions about it below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did I receive a loan purchase letter from Fannie Mae?

Do I need to do anything after receiving the loan purchase letter?

Does Fannie Mae’s purchase of my loan affect it in any way?

Why does it matter if Fannie Mae owns my loan?

Should I be concerned or take any action because Fannie Mae didn’t publicly record the purchase of my loan?

What is a mortgage servicer?

Do I need to contact my mortgage servicer after receiving the loan purchase letter?

Is Fannie Mae my mortgage servicer?

Can I send my payment to Fannie Mae since the company owns my loan?

The mortgage servicer listed on my letter doesn’t have a record of my loan. What should I do?

I sent my payment to the servicer listed on the loan purchase letter, but now my loan has been transferred to a different servicer. What will happen to my payment?

The servicer phone number listed on my letter is incorrect. What should I do?

My property address is incorrect on the loan purchase letter I received from Fannie Mae. Whom should I contact to get it corrected?