Rent Overview

Sometimes buying a home isn’t the right option…maybe you need flexible or temporary living arrangements, are saving for the future, or maybe you’re simply looking to downsize. Renting allows you to enjoy many of the benefits of owning a home without some of the responsibilities.


Rent or Buy?

Maybe you already know what’s right for you, or maybe you’re trying to figure out the best option—either way, the more educated you are, the better informed you’ll be. More »

Rental Process

The rental process isn't too complicated—we've outlined a few steps below as well as some things to consider before you sign a lease. More »

Types of Rental Housing

There are multiple types of rental housing—from apartments and condominiums to single-family and multi-family units. More »

Rental Assistance Programs

Learn about federal and local programs that could help you pay rent or secure lower-cost rental housing. More »

Make Rent Count

Learn how a solid rent history can help you qualify for a home loan. More »

My Rental Home is in Foreclosure

If your landlord is facing foreclosure on the property you live in, it can be a difficult and confusing time. More »

Fannie Mae’s role in rental housing

Fannie Mae is the leading provider of financing to the nation’s rental housing market. We’re committed to ensuring that working families and individuals have access to quality, affordable rental housing in communities across the country.