Find a Rental Property

Searching for a rental property has never been easier—there are multiple ways to find your new home.
  • Online
  • Apartment and Home Locator Services
  • Local Newspapers
  • Family/Friends
  • Real Estate Agent/Broker

In some cities, a broker may be needed to help you locate your new home. A broker, typically a real estate professional, packages all your financial information and submits it to the leasing office and/or landlord for you. They often have access to rentals that are not listed publicly and may offer a wider variety of options. In addition, real estate professionals usually know a lot about the different neighborhoods, local services and amenities. But keep in mind, this service is not free—a broker is typically paid a finder’s fee for their help that's usually due after you sign your lease.

Helpful Tips

Once you've created a list of homes or apartments to visit, here are some things to do:

  • Find out more about income requirements, restrictions (e.g., no pets or parking), general availability, and any special rates.
  • Schedule time to visit—having a couple of options is important in case your first choice is not available or doesn't meet your expectations.
  • Tour the neighborhood and surrounding areas; these details can help you reach an informed decision.
  • Investigate what amenities may be included and what costs, if any, you may be responsible for as a tenant.
  • Contact your insurance company to learn about renter's insurance.

Once you've viewed all the properties and collected all the information you need, it's time to compare and decide what home is best for you!