Sign a Lease

Before you sign, remember this is a legally binding contract, which means you will be responsible for all terms of the agreement. Review the lease carefully—here's a checklist of items you'll want to confirm ahead of time:


How long is the lease and what are the terms (i.e., renewing the lease, terminating the lease early, possible penalties, renting from month-to-month, subleasing, monthly costs, etc.)?

Security Deposit

How much is the security deposit and will some (any) be refunded at the end of the lease?


When is payment due? Are there penalties for late payments?


What utilities (if any) are included and what are the monthly rates?


How is routine and emergency maintenance managed (onsite, on call, 24-hour availability)?


What types of pets are allowed (if any) and are there any restrictions or required deposits?


Are there any noise level restrictions? Decorating restrictions (e.g., painting, hanging pictures, etc.)?