Connecting renters with
the help they need.

Fannie Mae Renters Resource Finder

If you are a renter living in an apartment or other multifamily rental housing with five or more units and you’re facing financial challenges as a result of COVID-19, a natural disaster, or other difficulties, we want to help.

Our Renters Resource Finder can help you locate types of assistance that may be available to you. Depending on your rental property address and your particular needs, support may include:

  • Access to HUD-approved housing counselors.
  • Assistance with FEMA and insurance claims after a natural disaster.
  • Federal and state housing assistance information.
  • Guidance on unemployment benefits, nutritional assistance, and any other available programs.
  • Non-legal support in communicating with landlords.

To use the Renters Resource Finder, enter the address of your apartment or rental property or the main leasing office for your complex:

The Renters Resource Finder is provided as a convenience for renters. Fannie Mae makes no representation, warranty, or guarantee regarding the accuracy or completeness of the results. Information that does not match our records exactly may return inaccurate results